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Oculus & Facebook... random thought.

2014-04-10 00:08:33 by MeatAnalogue

What would it look like if your fb newsfeed was actually happening? I'm a bit late to the oculus/fb love boat discussion, but I mean, I think that would be interesting. Like the gathering in between all the stuff you go virtually do with your friends.

What I also mean is, there's something about virtual reality that's kind of scary. I can jump into a world and do anything. Virtual reality becomes another way to live out ourselves, and express who we are. With VR you can see through the perspective of another person. Not only through games designed by AAA studios, but indie stuff where you can literally see the perspective of another person.

I feel like an fb newsfeed gathering spot where you basically started before you play a game (you could appear offline) would act as a way of grounding you in some kind of reality before shooting you off into another world. Cause this thing is pretty realistic. I've tried it on a simple game, but that was an early prototype; it was amazing though.


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2014-04-10 03:39:34

Hmm this seems to be a transition period for a completely new way to live your life to me. I got off of fb a year ago and ever since then news,media,billboards etc, have all been tagged with fb pages or some mention of fb. There definitely is a sense of conditioning if you ask me. It seems most people I run into bring fb out of the blue in a weird psychosis kind of way. Kinda makes me wonder if this reality is fictitious one and there was some "jumpstart" before to elevate us to what we are as humans eh..... fuck it's late. You can't help but wonder what there going to do with this technology.... although this might just be a way to finally get that farmville 3D that everyone wants hahaha!

(Updated ) MeatAnalogue responds:

I think they definitely want to shoot for the stars. I used to be somewhat averse to facebook, but then as I started meeting people in university I realized that it was the only way I was going to be able to keep in touch with everyone, especially after I graduate (very soon). I think that everyone, myself included, is 'conditioned' in some way or another, but that might just have to do with how I feel about socializing.