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Releasing TIE soundtrack on Newgrounds.

2014-05-31 13:41:06 by MeatAnalogue

A friend suggested that I put up the TIE soundtrack on Newgrounds. I think it's a good idea, but I'm gonna try something out and not put it up all at once. I figure for those who haven't heard it, they can either follow the release on Newgrounds and experience it like that if they're interested, or they can go ahead and download the full thing on bandcamp right now. 

Also, I just finished watching The Wire, and it was amazing, so here is a picture of Omar.

It seems the two songs I've submitted so far (daily grind and give it up - just put on through the rabbit hole this morning) have been zero voted without so much as a word of commentary from those who did it for me to actually get anything out of the feedback. C'est la vie... or is it, "C'est NG"? In any case, I did however make a fan, so nonetheless the venture to submit these tracks to NG has been worth it :)



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