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Releasing TIE soundtrack on Newgrounds.

2014-05-31 13:41:06 by MeatAnalogue

A friend suggested that I put up the TIE soundtrack on Newgrounds. I think it's a good idea, but I'm gonna try something out and not put it up all at once. I figure for those who haven't heard it, they can either follow the release on Newgrounds and experience it like that if they're interested, or they can go ahead and download the full thing on bandcamp right now. 

Also, I just finished watching The Wire, and it was amazing, so here is a picture of Omar.

It seems the two songs I've submitted so far (daily grind and give it up - just put on through the rabbit hole this morning) have been zero voted without so much as a word of commentary from those who did it for me to actually get anything out of the feedback. C'est la vie... or is it, "C'est NG"? In any case, I did however make a fan, so nonetheless the venture to submit these tracks to NG has been worth it :)


I have been working on the soundtrack / sound design for the independent game TIE since August, and I have just recently completed the soundtrack, and I am very excited to be able to share a link where you can download it and/or listen to the album in its entirety. There's a lot to say about what TIE is, but I'll just let my album description that I have on bandcamp do the talking ;)

TIE - Soundtrack link

TIE - Website


This is the soundtrack to the independent game TIE, with art and programming by developer Tony Nowak.

In the game, the player goes through the seven days of the week. They wake up, get on the bus, go to work and come back home. Each day is associated with a song that follows the progression of the internal struggle of the character as he attempts to cope with the drudgery of the daily grind.

Overall the tone of the game seems rather downhearted, but in my conceptualization of the soundtrack and the game itself I see a hopefulness to it. It is a 'leaving behind'. It builds an emotion that is characterized with an ever-present negativity and then lets that emotion die, thus enabling oneself to move on and forward into an open future.

> credits
released 01 May 2014 All songs written and mixed by Jeremy Romberg, except "stay close", written and mixed by Jeremy Romberg and Niko Romberg

Guitars on "stay close" by Niko Romberg Vocals on "stay close" by Veronik Connan

Niko Romberg's bandcamp


Oculus & Facebook... random thought.

2014-04-10 00:08:33 by MeatAnalogue

What would it look like if your fb newsfeed was actually happening? I'm a bit late to the oculus/fb love boat discussion, but I mean, I think that would be interesting. Like the gathering in between all the stuff you go virtually do with your friends.

What I also mean is, there's something about virtual reality that's kind of scary. I can jump into a world and do anything. Virtual reality becomes another way to live out ourselves, and express who we are. With VR you can see through the perspective of another person. Not only through games designed by AAA studios, but indie stuff where you can literally see the perspective of another person.

I feel like an fb newsfeed gathering spot where you basically started before you play a game (you could appear offline) would act as a way of grounding you in some kind of reality before shooting you off into another world. Cause this thing is pretty realistic. I've tried it on a simple game, but that was an early prototype; it was amazing though.

Name Changed.

2014-04-03 01:08:30 by MeatAnalogue

So I decided to go from Vegetarian Meat, which was a weird name, to Meat Analogue, which is basically the same name, but it sounds more haute cuisine. There's also the fact that 'Analog / Digital' and yet most of my songs are digital. I dunno, there's something about it. To me it means something that is trying with everything it is to be something that it is inherently not.

Check out the new site.

Also you can check out this song that I made during the summer if you're interested. I'll probably upload it to NG soon.